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Subaru of Wichita gives Gammon Students Trees

Subaru of Wichita donates 600 trees

As part of their ongoing support of local communities, on Wednesday March 19, Subaru of Wichita donated 300 trees to children at Gammon Elementary as well as 300 trees to villages in Haiti.

"We wanted to give the kids a visual representation of their choice to help change the world," said Tom White Jr., General Manager of Subaru of Wichita. "As the family comes together to plant the tree, it becomes almost symbolic. It's their mark on the Earth. They changed the planet, as a family. Too me that's powerful."

While the…
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See Joe/Jane Tri

It's time to get out of your Comfort Zone

Have you wanted to make a change in your life, but feel as though alone you can't? Thanks to T3 Triathlon now you can! We've partnered with them to create "See Joe/Jane Tri" which will choose two individuals to receive professional training from T3 Triathlon on how to prepare for a Triathlon! Not only will the winner receive training they will also receive entry to the El Dorado Tri, a USA Triathlon membership, and awesome swag! 

This is for those who want to test themselves, who dream…
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Escape the Museum

Everyday Adventure Episode 7: Museum of World Treasure

After dining on some delicious food, we were given the instructions: the museum was locked. Unfortunately time travelers had bee stranded in the museum, and it was up to us to help them get back. To send them back to their times we needed to solve the clues and riddles. Only upon solving all problems would the time travelers be sent back. 

Our Mission: Save the Space Time Continuum

We were broken into groups of 8. We began our adventure with everyone else, the race was on to win the prizes. The…
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Wichita's Best Authentic Japanese Ramen

Wichita Ramen

William, one of our non-commissioned sales staff, was born in Japan. So what better way to have an adventure than try some traditional Japanese Ramen! William took me down the Yokohama Ramen to check out Ramen that was made in his area of Japan. 

Located in the heart of the Delano District, Yokohama Ramen is a great little shop. With an inviting staff who greets you right away and an aroma to make your stomach instantly growl, there’s no doubt you will be getting delicious food. 

Traditional Japanese style food located right in Wichita, just one of…

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Everyday Adventures: Best Cupcake Search

There comes a time in everyone's life where they have to pinpoint the best place to get their baked goods. Today was that day. We went on a search to find the best cupcake on the east side! We stopped at Cloud 9 Cupcakes, Sweetly Scrumptious, Monica's Bundt Cakes, and Bagatelle Bakery. 

We were so lucky to meet the people that worked at these amazing places. Not only were the cupcakes delicious, but the people were extremely helpful and kind to us. 

We judged the cupcakes on 4 factors: richness of frosting, appearance, moistness, and what we called…
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Everyday Adventures: CityArts

There's something amazing about molten glass being shaped into something beautiful. We were so lucky to see the workings of how beautiful glass pieces are made. 

The heat hits you as you walk in, however the building is designed so that the room is open! Looking out over Wichita as you craft beautiful art is very symbolic. CityArts brings art and design to the heart of Downtown Wichita, and offers numerous classes to help others learn how to creatively express themselves. 

One word that truly describes the classes at CityArts is community. While the instructors are extremely helpful, the…
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Everyday Adventures: Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex

We were super excited to go hang out at Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex. Talk about an adventure, we got to strap on some climbing gear and test our skills against the wall. Thanks to Josiah who gave us a grand tour and helped us learn what to do.


Climbing is such an adventure. Looking from the bottom up it seems like you understand what to do, and it will be easy. Then you get on that wall and realize your body doesn’t want to move how you think it should, and there is no way you can hold…

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Everyday Adventures: The Flying Stove

Kicking off our first episode of “Everyday Adventure”, a series dedicated to finding Wichita’s best spots to visit, we headed over to the food truck known as The Flying Stove.

We had an absolutely amazing time getting to meet Jeff and Rob, owners of the Flying Stove. This food truck is one the hottest spots in town. Their food is dynamic in taste and made from fresh ingredients. When you take your first bite…

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Reflection on 12 Days of Christmas


The Twelve Days of Christmas brought us twelve amazing stories. It started as a small idea to give back to the community. It grew into something heartwarmingly bigger.


The first true gift of this 12 Days was from our own employees. When we opened up the event to them, asking them for “no pressure” donations if they wanted to join in and help, we were overwhelmed with the amount given by our employees. We were…

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Staying at the top of Safety Ratings

The Subaru Forester has done it again. For the 11th year in a row, it has been named a Top Safety Pick. Extending their title as the longest running winner in the SUV category.


So what does that mean for you, people of Wichita?


Subaru’s are built for safety. Created with love and your family in mind, they are engineered to keep you safer year after year. If it’s the crazy Kansas…

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