Escape the Museum

Everyday Adventure Episode 7: Museum of World Treasure

After dining on some delicious food, we were given the instructions: the museum was locked. Unfortunately time travelers had bee stranded in the museum, and it was up to us to help them get back. To send them back to their times we needed to solve the clues and riddles. Only upon solving all problems would the time travelers be sent back. 

Our Mission: Save the Space Time Continuum

We were broken into groups of 8. We began our adventure with everyone else, the race was on to win the prizes. The first few riddles were fairly simple, but then we began to slow down. After awhile we began to question ourselves. The riddles were getting harder, and the time was getting shorter.

The museum itself was inspiring. Amazing displays covered the walls. Artifacts from all across history were out for us to see. The dinosaurs in the middle were trapped in an endless battle, much like we felt we were. After time we found ourselves stuck in the Egypt room. There a lot of hopes were lost. Time was almost out, and we were no where close to figuring out the clue. 

In a blink of an eye it all changed, suddenly we figured it out! Then the next one! And the next one! As we raced to what we thought would be the end we were cut short, time was up and we had failed. Sorry Time Travelers, at least Wichita is a great place to land!

This adventure was a blast. New friends were met, laughter was shared, and memories were made. This museum is truly a jewel of Wichita. Check it out.
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