Everyday Adventures: The Flying Stove

Kicking off our first episode of “Everyday Adventure”, a series dedicated to finding Wichita’s best spots to visit, we headed over to the food truck known as The Flying Stove.

We had an absolutely amazing time getting to meet Jeff and Rob, owners of the Flying Stove. This food truck is one the hottest spots in town. Their food is dynamic in taste and made from fresh ingredients. When you take your first bite you immediately know you are dealing with an amazing cook. Together the duo has taken Wichita by storm, and has amassed a large following.

We got to try the Fall Chicken Sandwich and the Beets by R.O.B salad. The chicken was beyond juicy, and all the flavors of the sandwich mixed together to make each bite more amazing than the last. Subtle hints of flavor rise and fall in your mouth and every now and then you get spiciness. There is only one thing to compare this sandwich to and that’s a rollercoaster of flavor.

The Beets by R.O.B salad is so extremely colorful and interesting you can’t help but go back for more. Rob takes an ingredient many shy from, the beet, and turns it into something packed with flavor and in a dish that compliments it well. The creamy miso dressing brings all of the flavors together. Take a chance on the beets, you definitely won’t regret it!

The Flying Stove changes their menu and location, so check out their website to find out when you can head down and try it yourself here.

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