Get More for Your Trade-In....It's Easy!

It’s always a little nerve wracking to bring your vehicle in to get appraised. You go to the dealership with one number in mind, and the dealership comes out with a different number. We got some super quick and easy tips to help raise the trade-in value of your car!


When you bring your vehicle in make sure you have done your research. Look online at places like Kelley Blue Book or Autotrader. You always want to have information to fall back on. Plus, this gives you a starting point for later on. The important part of this process, however, is honesty. Really look at your vehicle and enter it into these websites as truthful as you can be.

Clean Your Car

It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people don’t clean their car before bringing it in. While cleaning your car, you will notice issues with it that you can fix yourself to help improve the value. Little things, like the wiper blades Noah mentions in the video above, can subtlety change the value. Think of it this way. If someone gives you a dirty car (inside and out) vs. a clean car, who do you think takes care of the car better and therefore drives it better? The clean one! It’s phycology, so use it in your favor.


Often times this is what people worry about the most when trading in a vehicle. However because you are an awesome reader and you did step one, you are ready to go. Pull out your research and make a case for your asking price. You may be trading this vehicle in, but treat it like you are selling it privately. There’s wiggle room, so always try for that extra dollar.

Be Comfortable

This is by far the most important part of the trade-in process. It is your vehicle, your purchase experience, and your money. If you do not like the numbers that the dealership is giving you, then you can walk away! It should go without saying, but often times people feel nervous and agree to something they aren’t comfortable with. Every part of the car buying process should be comfortable and fun, and if this part isn’t then it’s time to fix it. Remember you can always go to another dealership or even privately sell it yourself. 

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