Don't Fall for These Tricks at a Dealership

There are many options when purchasing a new or used vehicle in Wichita. It’s a city filled with car dealerships. There’s more to just finding the right car for you, however, as you have to find the right dealership. Navigating these waters can sometimes be tricky, that’s why we came up with a few things to look out for to make sure you aren’t at a less than reputable dealership.


The Bait and Switch

This is an old selling technique that should have died years ago. The basics is that you will call a dealership looking for a specific car, they will say they have that exact one and maybe even send you pictures of it. Once you get there it’s no where to be found. That’s when they introduce you to a different car for maybe slightly more and try to upsell you on this vehicle. If the entire car buying process starts as a lie, don’t think it will end with an honest agreement.

Ad Cars

These types of cars can still be seen in advertisements in Wichita, so we thought we’d address them. Ad cars are cars that are advertised for a crazy deal. You tell yourself it can’t be true, but it’s right there in the paper. When you show up to the dealership either that car has been sold for awhile. The dealership knows the car is no longer on the lot, yet they still let the advertisements roll out knowing there is no hope of a customer getting those savings.

Sharky Salespeople

We have a rule here, and it’s no sharks on the showroom. That means if a customer pulls up and starts to walk the lot, we give them a little time to look around and see things for themselves. Car buying should be pressure free. IF you pull up to the lot and are immediately approached by a salesperson before you can close the car door, the pressure to buy has already started. It will only get more intense. Watch out for sharks.

Hidden Sales Manager

Don’t you hate sitting there as your salesperson runs back and forth to some hidden sales manager to check every aspect of the negotiation. You just want to see the sales manager, but you are told no or that he is too busy. This is another horrible sales tactic. You should be able to meet everyone. We love to introduce you to our Team Leaders and our Sales Managers. We firmly believe everyone should be introduced to you, so you know who you are working with and we can be upfront about everything.


These are just a few things to watch out for when purchasing your new or used vehicle. Remember, car buying should be fun. If you see these activities at any location you are at, feel free to get up and walk out. Don’t let yourself fall to some 1980s old sales tactic. It’s 2017, car buying should catch up with the times.

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