Subaru of Wichita Presents Check to The Assistance League for Share the Love


Truly Sharing the Love

Today, May 15, 2017, we were honored with the opportunity to present a check for over $12,000 to Assistance League of Wichita. This money was raised during the Subaru Share the Love Event.

During the month of December and into January, anyone who bought a Subaru was given five charities that they could choose to $250 from Subaru. For the second year in a row we picked The Assistance League of Wichita to be the recipients of this donation. Because of the good work they do and how much they have stepped up to help us in other endeavors, we felt the desire to bless them again. 

All thanks to you!

This money comes from you, the Subaru owner. Thank you to those that selected The Assistance League of Wichita to be the recipient of the donation. Because of you there will be so much more good work done in Wichita. We look forward to seeing how this money will be used to change our community for the better!

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