Take a test drive in a Subaru Ascent while you're at Subaru of Wichita to discover all the features that are offered inside and outside.

If you don't live near the dealership, free shipping is available anywhere so that you can enjoy the benefits of the midsize SUV. Even though this is a smaller SUV compared to others, it does offer three rows of seats for all the passengers that you might need to transport. There's also plenty of space inside the Ascent for larger pieces of cargo due to the rear seats folding down.

A new feature in the Ascent is the Rear Seat Reminder. If you tend to forget things in your vehicle, you'll get an alert that lets you know that there's something in the back of your car that needs to be removed. The trim inside the SUV is of a premium level. At the touch of a finger, you'll have lighting inside your vehicle. Side mirrors fold and have turn signals built into them so that other drivers can easily view them while you're in Wichita.

If you desire a good bit of space in a vehicle or if you need the space for family members or pets, then you'll enjoy the large cabin inside the Ascent. Aside from seats for eight people, there is a compartment in the rear of the vehicle under the floorboard where you can store items while traveling in Wichita. A rearview camera shows you what's behind your vehicle as soon as you put the SUV in reverse. Keep in mind that there is a lifetime warranty with the Ascent that covers numerous aspects including the technology features and most of the powertrain components. A sleek exterior design showcases slender headlights that give the SUV a luxury appearance and rounded edges instead of those that are straight and edgy.

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