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Top 5 Road Trip Tips

Subaru of Wichita's Top 5 Road Trip Tips


Summer’s in full swing, and there’s nothing better than taking a summer road trip! Before you pack your bags and drive out of Wichita, make sure you check out these Top 5 Summer Road Trip Tips to make things go smoothly.


Pack Like A Pro

 Road trips are the most adventurous trip you can take. Part of that adventure is having the ability to go anywhere anytime, and that includes the laundry. So limit one bag per person. If you need to wash your clothes then head to a Laundromat. You’ll want the extra space in your Subaru for that really weird roadside souvenir that you just “had” to have. The only exception to everyone having one bag is the snack bag. This bag is filled with snacks, drinks, extra map, and is always placed in the back seat (Sorry backseat, the task falls on you).


Check Your Vehicle

 Before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to give your vehicle a good look over. You want to check the wiper blades, all of the fluid levels, belt and hose connections and your headlights. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure and tread depth. Nothing derails a road trip like literally not being able to drive on the road. So take the time to really give your vehicle a check up.


Keep the Kids Happy

 “Are we there yet?” is only acceptable once. So make sure you have plenty of long car ride activities ready. The best parts about road trips are the memories made while driving. So don’t jump straight to the portable screens, remember the days of Eye Spy and the ABC game? You can also bring along an older camera that the kids can take their own pictures with. This makes them focus more on their surroundings.


Use Your Electronic Resources

 There’s an app for everything nowadays and that includes road trips. Before you head out download awesome apps like Gas Buddy (which helps you save on gas everywhere you go) and Roadtrippers (told you), which shows you all the interesting places you can stop along your destination. However, none of this matters if you forget your phone charger.



 This is your time to relax and enjoy. Road trips can sometimes be stressful, but always remember it’s about family or friends and fun. Don’t stress the little things and stay flexible. That’s how you’ll make it a great road trip.


So Wichita, we hope you enjoyed our road trip tips. Get out on the open road and have an adventure today!

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See Joe/Jane Tri

It's time to get out of your Comfort Zone

Have you wanted to make a change in your life, but feel as though alone you can't? Thanks to T3 Triathlon now you can! We've partnered with them to create "See Joe/Jane Tri" which will choose two individuals to receive professional training from T3 Triathlon on how to prepare for a Triathlon! Not only will the winner receive training they will also receive entry to the El Dorado Tri, a USA Triathlon membership, and awesome swag! 

This is for those who want to test themselves, who dream of adventure. Taking on a Tri is something anyone can do, and we want to be there to help you accomplish that goal. We will help document the winners transformation and eventual completion of a Triathlon! So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

To learn more about T3 Triathlon check out their website.
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Escape the Museum

Everyday Adventure Episode 7: Museum of World Treasure

After dining on some delicious food, we were given the instructions: the museum was locked. Unfortunately time travelers had bee stranded in the museum, and it was up to us to help them get back. To send them back to their times we needed to solve the clues and riddles. Only upon solving all problems would the time travelers be sent back. 

Our Mission: Save the Space Time Continuum

We were broken into groups of 8. We began our adventure with everyone else, the race was on to win the prizes. The first few riddles were fairly simple, but then we began to slow down. After awhile we began to question ourselves. The riddles were getting harder, and the time was getting shorter.

The museum itself was inspiring. Amazing displays covered the walls. Artifacts from all across history were out for us to see. The dinosaurs in the middle were trapped in an endless battle, much like we felt we were. After time we found ourselves stuck in the Egypt room. There a lot of hopes were lost. Time was almost out, and we were no where close to figuring out the clue. 

In a blink of an eye it all changed, suddenly we figured it out! Then the next one! And the next one! As we raced to what we thought would be the end we were cut short, time was up and we had failed. Sorry Time Travelers, at least Wichita is a great place to land!

This adventure was a blast. New friends were met, laughter was shared, and memories were made. This museum is truly a jewel of Wichita. Check it out.
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Wichita's Best Authentic Japanese Ramen

Wichita Ramen

William, one of our non-commissioned sales staff, was born in Japan. So what better way to have an adventure than try some traditional Japanese Ramen! William took me down the Yokohama Ramen to check out Ramen that was made in his area of Japan. 

Located in the heart of the Delano District, Yokohama Ramen is a great little shop. With an inviting staff who greets you right away and an aroma to make your stomach instantly growl, there’s no doubt you will be getting delicious food. 

Traditional Japanese style food located right in Wichita, just one of the many reasons this city is absolutely amazing. So if you want to take a short trip to Japan, drive down to the Delano district and try Yokohama Ramen. Tell them Subaru of Wichita sent you!

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Everyday Adventures: Best Cupcake Search

There comes a time in everyone's life where they have to pinpoint the best place to get their baked goods. Today was that day. We went on a search to find the best cupcake on the east side! We stopped at Cloud 9 Cupcakes, Sweetly Scrumptious, Monica's Bundt Cakes, and Bagatelle Bakery. 

We were so lucky to meet the people that worked at these amazing places. Not only were the cupcakes delicious, but the people were extremely helpful and kind to us. 

We judged the cupcakes on 4 factors: richness of frosting, appearance, moistness, and what we called the "crumble factor". 

We each had a different favorite cupcake, but it's up to you Wichita. What is your favorite local cupcake spot?
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Everyday Adventures: CityArts

There's something amazing about molten glass being shaped into something beautiful. We were so lucky to see the workings of how beautiful glass pieces are made. 

The heat hits you as you walk in, however the building is designed so that the room is open! Looking out over Wichita as you craft beautiful art is very symbolic. CityArts brings art and design to the heart of Downtown Wichita, and offers numerous classes to help others learn how to creatively express themselves. 

One word that truly describes the classes at CityArts is community. While the instructors are extremely helpful, the students themselves help each other out. It's not uncommon to see smiles and hear laughter as new friendships are forged over art. 

If you want a great place to take your family or want to try your hand at a new art form sign up online here:
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