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Vintage Subaru Brochure: Subaru Justy Accessories



February 12th, 2014

Check out these ultra funky images from this Japanese Subaru Justy Accessories brochure we found. Kind of makes most other brochures seem a little...tame. If you're sensitive to neon, we'd recommend putting on some shades before scrolling through the rest of this post. Here we go!

The 4WD Subaru Justy is more comfortable inside than leaning on a ladder, and more stable than hanging one legged from a giant swing. You won't need to do any additional painting, either--just look at that vibrant red!

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Subaru of Wichita on Fox & Friends


Subaru of Wichita was featured on the Fox News Network's morning show Fox & Friends this morning regarding our response to the "Shame On" banner demonstration going on this week.

No, Aaron didn't coordinate with Anchor Steve Doocy about which tie to wear, although we think they both looked great!

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