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        At Subaru of Wichita the key to our success has been due in large part to our Team of People and the Processes we have created as that team.  Most of our co-workers come from outside of the Car Business,  generally from some form of Customer Service Background.  You won't find the typical gold-chain or plaid-suit wearing salespeople here.    We hire nice, friendly, and smart people who genuinely care about providing an amazing experience for our customers.  We feel we have assembled the best Team of People anywhere in the country.  

  • David Carranza
    Store Manager

    David has been in the car business for 5 years. Starting out as a salesman, he quickly grew into an amazing leader. He's been everything from a Team Leader to a Desk manager, so he understands our processes thoroughly.

    As a store manager David has his hands on everything. His primary goal is to make sure customers are taken care of properly. Leading by example he sets the tone for everyone else. To him the whole process is more than just buying a car; he wants to invest in the people he deals with.


    David loves to hang out with his two boys on the weekend.  To him there's nothing better. Quality family time is extremely important, and they love to have adventures. Whether it's just hanging out or going to the lake, he's most happy when he's with his boys. 

  • Kevin Cole
    Service Manager

    Kevin has been a car enthusiast since he learned to drive at age 12.  Finally, after 30 years in business, business management and as a success driven entrepreneur, he is finally doing what he loves to do most.  It is true, if you choose a job you love, with people you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.  This dealership has a unique culture that allows it to flourish.      


    As the Service Manager, Kevin asks the staff to use solid logic, good common sense, superior training and learned knowledge to make the best decisions possible while keeping each customers' experience as the focus.  


    Favorite response to most employee questions, "What would you do if I was not here to ask...?"


    This approach with employees is a little different than what they might be used to.  It is empowering, and gives them the freedom to take care of the customer, THEIR CUSTOMER, immediately, with the trust and confidence of the Manager behind them to coach through a tough call instead of reprimanding if they make a bad decision.  The end result of this approach to customers is out of this world.  They respect it and become more loyal to than ever.  Customer's want to work with someone they can trust, that can make things happen, and keeps their best interest at heart.      


    Kevin has been happily married to his wife Vicki since 1989.  They were blessed with two wonderful girls with the same family morals, work ethics, and drive toward success as Kevin and Vicki.  They have recently entered their grand-parenting phase and love every minute of it.    

  • Sheryl Ashford
    Office Manager

    As the Office Manager, Sheryl oversees the finer points of car deal paper work, sales tax, and is always available to answer questions and help others. She's been working with us for the last 13 years, and is excited to continue this journey into the Subaru zone!

    A proud wife, mother, and grandmother, Sheryl is always happy to share what her Grandkids are up to, and she's a constant source of smiles and fun around the office.

  • Joe Cordell
    Team Leader

  • Cary Lubbers
    Sales Manager

  • Mark Morris
    New Car Manager

    Mark has been in the automotive business for 21 years. He's really a Jack-of-All-Trades. Mark has done everything from sell cars to run the service side of things. This wealth of knowledge makes him one of our go to guys.


    Mark loves to spend time with his family when he's off work. He likes to fish and run as well. You'll usually catch him at the dealership wearing his batman lanyard with the tiny cape. There's also something else you should know about Mark. His laugh can only be described as thunderous. Anywhere you stand in the dealership, you'll still hear Marks infectious laugh. So when you come in be ready to leave laughing if Mark is around.

  • Luke Hamilton
    Finance Manager

  • Sam Steele
    Finance Manager

  • Spencer Zimmer
    Team Leader

    Spencer has been in the automotive industry for 13 years. Spencer began selling cars, and quickly moved into a leadership role. As a Team Leader, Spencer manages his team and helps customers. Spencer is a problem solver. When a challenge arises, Spencer is very good at helping smooth things out and works everything to make sure the customer gets what they want.

    While not at work or spending time with the family, Spencer loves to racecars. His passion spills over into his work life, and his desk space is covered in racing items. His passion for vehicles makes him an absolute asset when deciding which vehicle is right for you.

  • Kyle Schoenhofer
    Delivery Specialist

  • AJ Owens

  • Jonathan Gideon

  • Jimmy Bolden

  • Brie Dieker

  • Colin Coke

  • Demetrius Williams

  • Emilee Reinert

  • Steven Crafton

  • Scott Thomas
    Customer Service Specialist

  • Justin Morris

  • Justin Silva

  • Jacob Anderson

  • Bryce Barber

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